Our approach towards our valued clients is more balanced and pragmatic in nature. We provide workspace to businesses of all dimensions, right from a small-time business entity to large corporate companies that require access to several networks and amenities from day one. In a scenario, where the real-estate rates are zooming high and companies diversify their operations to larger demographic locations, one cannot always invest in permanent offices. That is where we pitch-in and do our part for you. We, at GEBC, offer you cost-effective and customized ready-to-move office space for you. We also help you increase the brand value of your company by tagging a reputable site address. Mind-blowing skyline with state-of-the-art infrastructure and impressive architecture are the key facets which make our facilities stand-out, along with a professional working environment.

Choosing the right type of workspace can sometimes be daunting and challenging as it should be done without causing an impact to your business. It depends on innumerable factors such as the nature of your business, size of your team, location, proximity to other business houses, cost of the area, space required for the current team and for the future, when your business expands.


Serviced Offices/ Executive Suites

We act as a home to many corporate companies in the country. Serviced offices always provide a professional look to your overall business.


Shared Offices/Collaborative workspace

Coworking space or Collaborative workspace is the new black. Coworking space is utilised mainly by micro businesses and medium-sized organizations.


Private Workspace

Private workspace is an area within the shared workspace where you and your team can work closely without any interference.


Warehouse Space

A warehouse is used to store goods in an organized manner. A warehouse space is typically rented out or leased out by huge importers, exporters & so on.


Meeting/Conference Rooms

We provide ultra-luxurious Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, and Boardrooms for the business leaders and other professionals who approach us.


Virtual Offices/Micro Offices

Virtual office is a concept where you have a prestigious address attached to your company name with no physical workspace as such.


Public Relations

Dubai being a country with stringent laws and regulations, it is mandatory for every organization to have a legally-approved process in place.


Administration Services

Your life becomes easier with the help of our confident, highly expertised Personal Assistants (PAs) from the Administration team.


Accounting Services

A team of Chartered Accountants (CAs) who can assist you with your accounting
related queries.


Legal Services

We have a high-performing in-house legal team with highly professional lawyers who assist us to get your onboarding easier and in the right manner.


Translating Services

Language proficiency is a major skill in effective business communication. We help you to evolve your business globally through a team of Translators


IT Services

Our subsidiary company ‘Skai-Tec IT Solutions’ solely works as an In-house IT department for us. It assists you in aligning your technical needs.